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JMB – Secretariat of Secondary Schools

Involved in a variety of projects in response to the challenges of running a modern educational establishment

JMB Publications
Helping to improve the learning experience and the success of learners.
Supporting School Ethos
JMB works to support the development of the characteristic spirit of all our schools and has produced Guidelines on the Inclusion of Students of other Beliefs in Catholic Schools as well as having active membership of the Catechetical Commission Workgroup on Religious Education and the Steering Group for Catholic Schools Week.
National-Level Policy Engagement
JMB represents the interests of our members at all key policy-making levels. These include the NCCA, the Inspectorate, the State Examinations Commission, the Teaching Council, the National Parents Council, the NCSE and a wide range of other forums.
JMB Outreach Initiatives
JMB actively works with non-governmental and international organisations to build capacity across a variety of areas. We currently have special projects underway with the autism advocacy organisation AsIAm, with the Balint model of peer-support groups for principals and with Global Schoolroom in supporting school leaders in Sierra Leone.