Training Presentations

Annual Conference

JMB/AMCSS 32nd Annual Conference

John Curtis, General Secretary: 'A robust school system, but we cannot take it for granted' (Independent, 1st May 2019)




The role of the Board of Management in Child Protection including the Board of Management’s oversight obligations

  • DES Optional Templates:
II. The Board of Management Communications Checklist – Child Safeguarding Statement (Sections 8.11 and 8.13.6 of the Procedures)


Allocation of Teaching Posts

Staffing arrangements in Voluntary Secondary Schools for the 2020/21 school year (Circular 0013/2020)

Allocation of Teaching Posts 2020/2021:

The seminars addressed the principles underpinning the allocation of teaching resources and enabled school management to correctly interpret the schedules.

This was a Q & A session. As in recent years, representatives of the Teacher Allocation Section attended and JMB staff was available to meet school management on an individual basis to assist with issues related to teacher allocations.

Read more: Allocation of Posts - Teaching Personnel

Board of Management

The in-service programme provided board members with a clear insight into the roles and responsibilities of trustees as well as those of a board. In addition the programme concentrated on the responsibility of members of boards of management and the role and functions of the board with particular reference to the Articles of Management and legislation. It is important that all board members are encouraged to undertake regular in-service.



Budget Workshop

Financial update & school budget 2020/2021 - Training Presentation

The FSSU was running a number of practical hands-on budget workshops to assist in the submission of the budget and census for the 2020/2021 school year.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Inspections Seminars

Child Protection & Safeguarding Inspections - Training Presentation 2019

The Inspectorate has introduced a new model of inspection in February 2019 called Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection. This type of inspection focuses on a school’s compliance with key aspects of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017.

The seminars provided an overview of key aspects of Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection including its aims and its features, the checks conducted during the inspection and Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection reports. Participants at the seminar  had an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection model.

Education Conference


  • Professor Tim O’Brien,  Senior Visiting Fellow in Psychology and Human Development at UCL Institute of Education
  • Dr Johanna Fitzgerald, Lecturer at Mary Immaculate College with a particular interest in the role of Special Educational Needs Coordinators, teacher professional learning, and inclusive and special education



Education Law Day

In partnership with Mason Hayes & Curran, and its team of leading lawyers in education, JMB is hosted a one day seminar on legal matters that impact daily on schools. This is an opportunity not to be missed in ensuring that you have the latest advice and updates.

Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 

An examination of the implications and pitfalls for schools

Expulsion hearing by a Board of Management

A step by step scenario-based exploration

Social Media

Examples of good practice in dealing with the many issues arising from schools


General legal advice on common queries received by JMB and Mason Hayes & Curran

Middle Leadership & Management - Biennial & Annual Review

Middle Leadership & Management - Reporting & Review

Preparation for Reporting and Review Circular 0003/2018 - Training Presentation 2019

During the seminars we were providing a briefing and guidance on conducting the annual review with each post of responsibility holder and the preparation of the principal’s annual report to the board of management on leadership and management in the school.

This briefing included advice on preparing for the review, conducting the review meeting, setting objectives for the next school year, possible re-assignment, and the principal’s report to the board of management.

As every post holder is required to undertake the annual review with the Principal/Deputy Principal these sessions were of most benefit to the senior management team.

School Administration Personnel Training

Lorraine Guinan, FSSU - Revenue Compliance Workshop
This workshop covered the latest Payroll, RCT and VAT issues.

Breda Murphy, & Eileen Ahern, FSSU - Sage 50 Workshop
This workshop focused on Month End Reporting and Bank Feeds.

Bernadette Kinsella, JMB - Communications Workshop
This workshop was an interactive session exploring communication protocols and teamwork.

Wellbeing Curriculum Planning and Timetabling

Wellbeing curriculum planning and timetabling - Training Presentation 2018