Training Presentations

Annual Conference

Allocation of Teaching Posts

Staffing arrangements in Voluntary Secondary Schools for the 2023/24 school year (Circular 0002/2023)

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Board of Management

Budget Workshop

Child Protection

Child Protection & Safeguarding Inspections - Training Presentation 2019

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Non-Teaching Staff

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Fixed-term Contracts and CIDs

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Data Protection

Data Protection Breach Procedures


Topical GDPR Issues for School Management

JMB Webinar 2023 (View in JMB Training Videos - Webinars (members only) section)

DEIS Schools Webinar

JMB DEIS Schools Seminar 2023

JMB DEIS Schools Seminar 2022

JMB DEIS Schools Seminar 2021

Dignity in the Workplace

January 6th 2022 

Dignity in the Workplace - Recorded Webinar 
Presented by Bernadette Kinsella
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Education Conference


Workshop 1: Landmarks in Establishing a Special Class
Ms Sarah Ledwidge & Ms Deirdre Bourke - Slides
Mr Martin McLoughlin - Slides

Workshop 2: Special Class Pedagogy – Unique yet Universal
Dr Fiona McCaffrey - Slides
Mr Billy Redmond - Slides

Workshop 3: From Establishment to Embedding
Mr Pádhraic Gibbons - Slides (Members only)

Workshop 4: Engaging Parents – Transitions, Welcomes, and Authentic Partnerships:
Ms Zarah Doyle - Slides (Members only)

Workshop 5: Specialist Support and Development
Ms Joan McDonald - Slides
Ms Suzanne McCanney - Slides

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Education Law Day

Genesis survey on Catholic education

Health & Safety

Middle Leadership & Management

Mindfulness Programme

JMB Mindfulness Programme - audio tracks can be accessed here

Newly Appointed Principals / Deputy Principals

Child Protection Procedures

Vetting Procedures

Financial Management

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School Administration Personnel Training

The Vetting Process for Schools

Tuesday, 28th March 2023 - Webinar Launch

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Wellbeing Curriculum Planning and Timetabling

Wellbeing curriculum planning and timetabling - Training Presentation 2018