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Secretariat of Secondary Schools
Our Services
The JMB participates actively in various National Committees involved in policy and decision-making in Irish Education. The JMB negotiates on management issues such as contracts of employment and employer / employee relations. It represents the voluntary secondary schools in negotiations on issues at national level which affect the management of schools.

HR/IR & Legal Services

School Management

Provides support to principals and boards of management, responding to day-to-day school management queries, gives professional advice and support on policy and good practice and liaises with the DES, teacher unions and representative organisations and other relevant institutions/bodies. Attendance, where necessary, at grievance and disciplinary hearings.

Data Protection

The key objective of this role is to support and deliver personal data audits and reviews; assist members in identifying and developing necessary technical and organisational measures to meet the higher compliance standards of the GDPR; act as a point of contact for members on data protection and to respond and assist with data protection related enquiries and escalations and promote data protection best practice and GDPR compliance.

Education Research & Development

Conducts educational and management research, presents reports and position papers on key issues and plays a representational role at a wide variety of educational areas, i.e. NCCA, JCT, Teachers Conciliation Council.

Child Protection & Garda Vetting

Provides advice and support to school management and training programmes in co-operation with the DES. Liaises with the Department of Education and Skills and other relevant institutions/bodies.

School Buildings

Providing a support for principals and boards of management in meeting the practical challenges surrounding building projects. Advises schools on the possibilities for future development and advising on the tendering for and the appointment of consultants once a DES grant is approved.

Financial Support Services Unit

Financial Support Services Unit (FSSU) provides support and advice on all aspects of school finance. Liaison with DES on all aspects of school funding. Accounts support & training and financial guidelines and information on best practice.

School Procurement Unit

The Schools Procurement Unit (SPU) is the central support resource for providing guidance to all primary and post-primary schools (except ETB schools) on any procurement-related issue. The SPU delivers free advice and practical support to schools to help them achieve improvements in their procurement processes, practices and outcomes.