Severe Weather Notice


With regard to storm Lorenzo which is due to hit Ireland on Thursday/Friday, we have received the following communication from the Department of Education and Skills: 

In relation to Storm Lorenzo and its impact on Ireland, the National Emergency Coordination Group have considered the threat assessment from Met Éireann and have deemed it unnecessary to issue any Red weather warnings at this time.

However, an orange warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick will be in place from 6pm tomorrow to 3am on Friday. 

In addition, two status yellow warnings were issued nationwide to come into effect during the storm. A yellow wind warning will be in place from 9am tomorrow until 6am on Friday and a yellow rainfall warning for Ireland will be in place between 9am tomorrow and  9am on Friday.

As always, schools must ensure the safety of those in their care and give due consideration to this when making a decision to stay open or close. Decisions will be made by schools, colleges of further education and third level institutions on an individual basis depending on the circumstances and conditions in their area.

Please see for further advice and information.

If a Status Red warning issues for the entire country or your area, then your school should close, and parents and the school community should be informed accordingly.  

Where Status Orange or Status Yellow warnings apply, the decision to close a school rests with the school management authority taking into account the full guidance and direction available from the principal response agencies, especially An Garda Síochána, and local considerations.

Guidance on time lost due to unforeseen closures as a result of severe weather is set out in Circular 0016/2014

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