JMB Research Bursary Application Form 2023-2024

The Secretariat of Secondary Schools (SSS) Strategic Development Plan 2022-2025 sets out to support Leader-Practitioner Research under Goal 4.5:

SSS encourages and supports the research activities of voluntary secondary principals and deputy principals and works to disseminate relevant outcomes from such activity.
SSS welcomes, affirms, and supports relevant research activity carried out by voluntary secondary school leaders and collaborates where feasible with such investigations and in the sharing of findings, recommendations, and pertinent publications.

In support of this action, applications for one of five annual Research Bursaries of €2,000 each are welcomed by the Secretariat, under a set of criteria as outlined in the application form available here, and with a closing date of 1st November 2023.

The Secretariat is delighted to provide this support, and this funding will continue on an annual basis hereafter.

Application Form

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