Creating LGBTI+ Inclusive Schools: Free LGBTI+ Skills Online Training for Educators


BeLonG To Youth Services

BeLonG To Youth Services:

The City of Dublin Education Training Board and BeLonG To Youth Services have launched free online LGBTI+ skills training for Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Principals and School Staff. The training programme that will help educators to create an environment that is safe and welcoming for LGBTI+ young people. This 3-hour certified training is ideal for teachers Croke Park hours.

This interactive 3-hour training includes videos, exercise and quizzes to equip educators to become better at listening to, understanding, responding to and supporting LGBT+ young people. As part of the training, participants will learn about terminology and language, LGBTI+ mental health, managing your own attitude and bias, nonbinary and transgender identities, coming out and improving your practice.

Some 73% of LGBTI+ students in Ireland revealed that they feel unsafe at school as part of the 2019 School Climate Survey. Research shows between 6–10% of any group of young people may identify as LGBTI+, so it is most likely that some of the individuals will benefit from the skills and knowledge gained by professionals who complete the training. In the School Climate Survey, LGBTI+ youth talked about the extraordinary difference one supportive adult can make in their lives. This support means they are more likely to feel accepted by their peers, feel increased sense of belonging and were less likely to miss school to avoid victimisation. 

Sign up for this training course today and be one of the supportive adults in the lives of your LGBTI+ students.

This training is available from - select the course: Creating LGBT+ inclusive Schools and Youth Services with BeLonG To’ and get started!

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