Care for Our Common Home: A Dialogue for School Leaders


JMB/AMCSS 32nd Annual Conference

JMB/AMCSS Annual Conference took place from May 1st to 3rd in the Europe Hotel, Killarney.

The theme of Conference 2019 was ‘Care for our Common Home - A Dialogue for School Leaders’.

Opening Keynote Address

We were pleased that Mr. Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament and current President of the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe gave our keynote address.

  • Pat Cox - Opening Keynote Address (Video & Speech)

The wonder of our Universe

Climate change is not fake news: “we cannot save what we do not love”

This workshop illuminated the story of our Universe, examined the wonder and wasting of our times and touched into the Scriptures to help us care for our common home.

Laudato Si’ A Prophetic Message for the 21st Century

Fr. Sean McDonagh is a Theologian, missionary and ecologist.

Author of To Care for the Earth, Chapman 1986, The Greening of the Church, Chapman, 1900, Passion for the Earth, Chapman, 1994, Dying for Water, Veritas, 1994, Climate Change: The Challenge to Us All, Columba, 2006, The Death of Life:The Horrow of Extinction, Columba 2004, Laudato Si’ Orbis, New York, 2016, Laudato Si’ An Irish Response, Veritas, 2017.

Sustainable Public Procurement

What are the concepts and principles of sustainable procurement; are the terms sustainable procurement and green procurement mutually interchangeable? How might sustainable principles be adapted for use in the school sector. 

The workshop introduced some tools that, when deployed, will help schools to make their procurement activity more sustainable.

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