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Joint Managerial Body

The JMB through the Secretariat of Secondary Schools provides a range of advice and support services, in addition to negotiating on behalf of school management in the network of 400 Voluntary Secondary Schools. The Council of JMB is composed of representatives of the Association of Management of Catholic Secondary Schools (AMCSS) and the Irish School Heads’ Association (ISA) which represents the Protestant Schools in the State.







What's New

30 Jan 2015

Half of principals work 25-hour week during school holidays

Irish Times: Half of secondary school principals and a quarter of primary school...

30 Jan 2015

Talks on junior cycle reform to resume on Monday

Irish Examiner: Talks about junior cycle reform are set to resume on Monday afte...

29 Jan 2015

Jan O’Sullivan and teachers’ unions to discuss compromise

Irish Times: Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan has signalled a willingness t...

29 Jan 2015

Can a bad teacher ever be sacked in an Irish school?

Irish Independent: The traditional view of teachers is that they can never be fi...

29 Jan 2015

Any special needs teacher losses ‘must be phased in’

Irish Examiner: Schools that lose special needs teachers under a new allocation ...

27 Jan 2015

Junior cycle assessment

Irish Times (letters): The involvement of teachers in assessing their own studen...